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Bonner Heritage Ranch

Grass Fed Beef By Bonner Heritage Ranch 

Looking for grass fed beef? Our cattle are a Red Angus/South Poll cross, and we breed to full blood South Poll bulls each year. They're born on our ranch and they never leave it until it is time to butcher. We only feed them grass and supplement hay in winter to get the quality of beef we desire. If you're wanting a healthy cut of beef then come check us out! You won't be disappointed.

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What We Do

A Little More Info

Bonner Heritage Ranch is a family owned and operated business in Freestone County, Texas. It has been in the family since 1853. We believe that God has provided us with the knowledge and ability to raise quality beef for our family and yours. Our desire is to give you a quality product at competitive prices all the while producing grass fed beef that is healthy for you. We do not use any chemicals on our pasture nor do we give them any GMO's and we utilize rotational grazing with our cattle. If we do have a sick animal, and have to administer medication, that animal will not be butchered and will be sold at auction. Our desire is to provide your family with the best quality we can.

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Are you looking for 100% grass fed beef? Then you're at the right place. All of our cattle for butchering are born on our ranch, birth-to-butcher.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Our business hours are M-F: 8am-5pm.

307 CR 121
Fairfield, Tx


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